Diego Maradona Rookie Cards

Hey there, fellow card collectors! Today, I want to dive into the exciting world of Diego Maradona Rookie Cards. As someone who has been collecting cards for over two decades, I can confidently say that Maradona’s cards hold a special place in my collection. With recent news and updates about the legendary footballer, it’s the perfect time to explore the fascinating journey of his rookie cards.

Diego Maradona, the Argentine football icon, has been making headlines lately due to his unfortunate passing in November 2020. This tragic event has led to a surge in interest and value for his rookie cards. As a card collector with 20 years of experience, I have witnessed the evolution of Maradona’s cards over the years.

Maradona’s rookie cards are highly sought after by collectors around the world. These cards capture his early career and serve as valuable pieces of sports memorabilia.

Diego Maradona 2024

The recent news about Diego Maradona’s passing has caused a spike in interest and demand for his rookie cards. Collectors and fans alike are rushing to add these iconic pieces to their collections as a way to honor and remember the football legend.

For collectors, this presents both an exciting opportunity and a challenge. On one hand, acquiring a Diego Maradona rookie card now holds even greater significance and value. While the passing of Diego Maradona has undoubtedly brought a somber tone to the world of football, it has also reignited interest and appreciation for his incredible career. Collectors now have an opportunity to commemorate his legacy by acquiring his rookie cards, which have become even more valuable and coveted.

Diego Maradona Rookie Cards

Note, Maradona started his career in Argentina in 1976, so cards from his rookie season are pretty much impossible to come by.

1979 Industria Argentina Super Futbol Diego Maradona

This card is from the 1979 Industria Argentina Super Futebol set and has Maradona for his first ever club, Argentinos Juniors.

This card is incredibly rare with only 3 copies graded!

A funny note, to my knowledge, I’m pretty sure just about all the sets at the time were actually produced by Crack. However, the grading companies list this set as Industria Argentina. So who knows?

1982 Este La Liga #6

This card is Maradona’s first from his time in Europe, with Barcelona being his first European club.

Another rare find, this 1982 Barca rookie is one of the best club finds from Maradona’s career – especially seeing those cards from Argentina are rare.

This set is cool with both the head shot and the action shot, which is pretty rare – even by today’s standards.

If you’re a serious Maradona collector, or looking for an undervalued card of his, this is the best option.

1979 Panini Calciatori Italian #312

This sticker, from the Italian Calciatori set is seen as one of, if not the true Maradona rookie card in national team colors.

A very young looking Maradona made his national team debut in 1977, which is absolutely insane when you remember his career started a year earlier.

Mighty impressive…

The Italian Calciatori set only covers Italian leagues, however, this set also has a section called “Mondocalcio” or, World Football. This part featured other greats like Kevin Keegan, Michel Platini and Zico.

Of all the cards, this is probably the most well-known and widely looked at as the “chase card” for Maradona.


Obviously, when thinking about Maradona’s debut World Cup in 1982, I could have gone with the Panini World Cup sticker. Which, let’s be honest, is the way more popular World Cup product.

However, it wasn’t just Panini that made products for the competition.

These round pog-type collatable were actually pretty common back in the day.

comb.io - Bart Sells His Soul

While they may not be popular these days, they’re a cool piece of history, especially if the 82 Panini is out of your price range.

Other Notable Diego Maradona Cards

Final Thoughts

Maradona is one of the greatest, and most important, players in the history of the sport. His rookie cards and stickers are excellent additions to any collection, and a good long-term investment if you’re looking to potentially sell off your cards one day in the future.


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