The 10 Best Steve Nash Rookie Cards

As a seasoned card collector with 20 years of experience, I have seen the rise and fall of many basketball players’ card values. However, one player whose rookie cards continue to captivate collectors is none other than Steve Nash. With his recent induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, there has been a renewed interest in Nash’s career and his trading cards. In this article, we will explore some of the best Steve Nash rookie cards that every collector should consider adding to their collection.

It’s important to note that the value of Steve Nash rookie cards can fluctuate based on various factors such as demand, condition, and rarity. As with any investment, it’s essential to do thorough research and consider consulting with experts or experienced collectors before making a purchase.

Steve Nash 2024

In recent news, Steve Nash has made headlines as he was named the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets in September 2020. This new role for Nash has sparked renewed interest in his career and his trading cards. With his coaching career taking off, collectors may see a surge in value for his cards as fans and collectors anticipate his success in this new role. This makes it an exciting time for collectors to acquire Steve Nash rookie cards and potentially see their value increase.

With Steve Nash’s recent induction into the Hall of Fame , his rookie cards have become even more coveted by collectors. It’s a great time to add these cards to your collection as they not only represent the career of one of the greatest point guards in NBA history but also have the potential for increased value in the future. Whether you go for the Topps Chrome Refractor, Skybox Premium Autographics, Fleer Metal Universe, or Upper Deck SP Authentic, you can’t go wrong with any of these top Steve Nash rookie cards. Happy collecting!

1996/97 Topps Chrome Steve Nash Rookie Card #182

1996/97 Topps Chrome Steve Nash Rookie Card #182

Let’s start off with the card that I feel has the most potential when it comes to Steve Nash rookie cards – the 96/97 Topps Chrome Nash RC.

Topps Chrome cards have always had a reputation for bringing some of the best rookie cards on the market. It’s one of the classier cards of Nash – subtle, elegant, and not loud.

However, this is the preferred rookie card for many collectors for various reasons. Firstly, it’s from Topps Chrome and you can’t go wrong with buying their cards. Secondly, it has that classic feel and look going for it, which is what people like with rookie cards.

Nash was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 1996 as a 15th overall pick in the first round. It’s fair to say that the expectations were reasonably high, but Nash didn’t do particularly well in his first season. He was then drafted to the Mavs and then returned to the Suns stronger than ever, winning two MVP awards along the way.

And this card celebrates Nash’s career in many ways. You’ll find that this card is perhaps his most valuable rookie card, and you might have to spend several thousand to get it, too – especially if you opt for one of the refractors.

1996/97 Topps Finest Steve Nash Rookie Card #75/#217

1996/97 Topps Finest Steve Nash Rookie Card #75/#217 1996/97 Topps Finest Steve Nash Rookie Card #75/#217

Topps Finest is a bit shinier and colorful than Topps Chrome, which suits some collectors more, especially those who love a bit of graphical sophistication on their cards.

You have two options with Topps Finest: #75 which is the Apprentices version, and #217 which is the Heirs version. Both are valuable and popular, and they have similar price tags so you choose whichever you like better.

In addition, there are some popular parallels that you can go for with both variations, which will cost additional bucks if you want to get them, but they’re worth it if you want more variety in your cards, as well as rarity.

1996/97 UD3 Steve Nash Rookie Card #15

1996/97 UD3 Steve Nash Rookie Card #15

If you like hardwood, then this card’s for you…

In all seriousness, UD3 is one of the mid-range Steve Nash rookie cards that will appeal to a wide population due to its unique style and looks.

UD3 was blessed with some epic rookie cards in 1996/97, including Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant.

If you like the look of this card, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s not as expensive as the two Topps cards we’ve just seen above. It can be considered a mid-range Nash rookie, because it’s able to cost several hundred dollars in top conditions, and potentially more.

1996/97 SP Steve Nash Rookie Card #142

1996/97 SP Steve Nash Rookie Card #142

SP is the right choice for you if you like portraits instead of action shots of players.

And this Steve Nash SP rookie card is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection. It will provide some variety and also a bit of character with this close-up shot of a young Steve Nash.

It’s also a fairly affordable Nash rookie, as it may cost several hundred dollars even in the GEM MT condition, which is great news if you’re a perfectionist.

SP is famous for its portraits of players and this blue banner on the side of the card, which will appeal to those who like a bit of blue on their cards as well.

1996/97 Upper Deck Steve Nash Rookie Card #280

1996/97 Upper Deck Steve Nash Rookie Card #280

Next up we have this Upper Deck Steve Nash rookie, which is one of the more widely available Nash rookies and thus not very expensive to buy.

You might immediately think to yourself: what on earth is Nash doing with a hockey stick in his hands, trying to shoot a basketball? Well, to provide some context, it does make a bit of sense since Nash is a Canadian and we know that hockey is their national sport…

To be honest, this card will often be preferred to some of the classic basketball cards because it’s different, and it adds a bit of something different to your collection.

And of course, it’s from Upper Deck, which is one of the best overall card companies to buy from, especially when it comes to 90s cards.

1996/97 SkyBox Premium Autographics Steve Nash RC

1996/97 SkyBox Premium Autographics Steve Nash RC

Most of the Nash rookie cards are base cards without additional autographs or match-worn jerseys, which is the case nowadays.

However, this SkyBox Premium Autographics rookie card of Nash is a bit different. It has a Nash autograph on it, which means it immediately became a hit with those collectors who wanted something extra.

Today, this card is one of the most valuable Nash rookie cards, and it will not come cheap. It can cost several thousand dollars, depending on its condition.

You should know that there are two variations of this card: with the black auto, and with the blue auto. Also, this card should not be confused with the base SkyBox Premium rookie card of Nash, which is completely different and also a bit less expensive. It looks like this:

1996/97 SkyBox Premium Autographics Steve Nash RC

And by the way, this SkyBox Premium #227 card is one of the budget options when it comes to Steve Nash rookie cards…

1996/97 Bowman’s Best Steve Nash Rookie Card #R18

1996/97 Bowman’s Best Steve Nash Rookie Card #R18

This Steve Nash rookie card is popular for a bunch of reasons:

  • It’s made by Bowman’s Best, which is one of the best companies for rookie cards from the 90s
  • The design of this card is bold and sophisticated for its time, with a nice image with a crowd in the backdrop
  • It has many Refractor parallels, which tend to be extremely expensive if you go for one of the more limited ones
  • Bonus: There’s Allen Iverson on the image (on the left of Nash)

So for those reasons, Bowman’s Best continues to be one of the most popular Steve Nash rookie cards, and will not come cheap if you opt for one of the parallels.

However, the great news here is that the base card tends to be relatively affordable, even if you’re tight on a budget.

Bowman’s Best also features the chromium technology and a bolder design that you’ve seen with Topps Chrome. And if you own one of the parallels for this card, especially the Atomic Refractor parallel, then you’re looking at several thousand dollars of value, if not more than that.

1996 Fleer Steve Nash Rookie Card #239

1996 Fleer Steve Nash Rookie Card #239

The Fleer Nash rookie card is a great option for you if you’re looking for an entry-level card that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In truth, this Fleer card is one of the most widely distributed Nash rookie cards. This means that it will be generous to your wallet and would also make a very nice addition to your card collection.

If you would like another option next to this Fleer card, there’s also the Fleer Ultra rookie card for you to consider:

1996 Fleer Steve Nash Rookie Card #239

The Fleer Ultra card looks a little different, but it’s similar in terms of its price to the base Fleer card.

1996 Hoops Steve Nash Rookie Card #304

1996 Hoops Steve Nash Rookie Card #304

Another great alternative if you’re on a budget is the Hoops Nash rookie card, which is a good option for those who are willing to spend a few hundred dollars to get this card.

Hoops have a reputation for being one of the leading card companies, even today, when it comes to rookie cards.

Because this card was widely distributed, it never reached the heights of Topps Chrome or Topps Finest. And its layout is quite standard, although this card will appeal more to those who prefer an image-heavy card.

1996 Topps Steve Nash RC #182

1996 Topps Steve Nash RC #182

Last but not least, we ought to give this Topps card a mention. It’s almost the same as the Topps Chrome Nash rookie card, with some subtle differences that make this card a bit less valuable.

Chrome cards were also rarer and not as easy to get, meaning that this base Topps card is a great alternative if you’re on a budget and you’re willing to dabble with some rookie cards for the first time.

This is a pretty low-risk investment that might even increase in value as the years go by, although the card is perceived more as a collector’s card rather than a card you would be making huge profits on.

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