8 Best Mike Tyson Cards

Hey there, boxing enthusiasts and sports card collectors! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of Mike Tyson cards. Whether you’re a fan of Iron Mike’s legendary career or simply appreciate the thrill of collecting sports memorabilia, we’ve got you covered with the best Mike Tyson cards out there. So grab your gloves and get ready to step into the ring with these incredible collectibles!

Mike Tyson 2024

In terms of updates and news about Mike Tyson cards, collectors have been buzzing lately as his popularity continues to soar . With the recent announcement of Mike Tyson’s return to the ring for an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr., the demand for his cards has spiked. As a result, prices have been steadily increasing, making it an exciting time for both collectors and investors in the world of Mike Tyson cards.

There has also been news that Mike Tyson will not pay a pre-settlement agreement with a man who alleged that the former World Champion punched him repeatedly.

Top Mike Tyson Cards

These are the best Mike Tyson cards that you can consider if you’re a big Tyson fan.

1986 Supersport Mike Tyson RC #153

1986 Supersport Mike Tyson RC #153

If you were to sort Mike Tyson cards by value, you’d see that this Supersport card often ranks among the highest-valued cards, and for good reason.

For starters, this card is the earliest possible card that you can get of Tyson, which also makes it his rookie card.

This is not truly a card but rather a sticker. The Panini Supersport set was released for the European market and as you might imagine, the Mike Tyson sticker was one of the most popular entries in the set.

The set contained sporting greats from all over the world. It aimed to cover as many sports including boxing, basketball, and other sports while also focusing on the biggest legends of said sports.

What about the prices, how much does this card cost?

Well, considering this is a sticker, it’s particularly hard to get. Many people used these stickers and didn’t preserve them, so the best-graded stickers of this type will cost well into six figures.

1987 A Question of Sport Mike Tyson UK

1987 A Question of Sport Mike Tyson UK

The second most valuable Mike Tyson card that deserves a mention on this list is the card that comes from a card set that was released in the UK – A Question of Sport.

This card set aimed to achieve something similar to the Panini sticker above – to cover as many sports and as many sporting legends as possible.

The card was a part of a board game and a TV series that had the same name. It’s also a card that has one of the most interesting and unique names in card history.

If you like cards that are image-heavy, then you’ll love this one. It focuses on Mike Tyson in the ring, showing off the powerful and steel-like approach he had to boxing, which made him so famous.
And because the card was released in 1987, you’ll see that it will often get branded as a rookie card, although it was not the earliest card of Mike Tyson to ever be produced.

Despite that, this famous and popular card can cost you a big sum of money. In better conditions, the card can cost a five-figure amount, depending on the quality of the card itself.

1984 American Tobacco USA Boxing Mike Tyson RC

1984 American Tobacco USA Boxing Mike Tyson RC

Now, this card is an interesting one.

It’s the earliest possible Mike Tyson card because, in 1984, Mike Tyson wasn’t even a professional boxer yet. So it’s likely that this card covered Tyson as a part of a USA boxing team member.

It’s also very difficult to get, especially in higher conditions. You will find many ungraded cards of this type, so be very careful of counterfeit products which seem to pop up everywhere.

Other than that, this card can be an interesting choice if you want the earliest possible Mike Tyson card, although it’s not as expensive as the 1986 or even the 1987 cards – at most, this one will cost you a few thousand dollars.

1988 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson (Italian)

1988 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson (Italian)

Like the 1986 Supersport card, the 1988 edition was made for the Italian market and for the European market, as well.

To this day, this remains one of the rarest and toughest Mike Tyson cards to find. Because the card was released for the European market, it will be significantly tougher to find.

It also comes from a relatively early part of Tyson’s career, which makes the card even more interesting for many collectors.

The card focuses on Tyson again as a sporting star and as a member of the USA boxing team, although by that time, Tyson was already one of the best boxers in the world and a relatively established star.

Considering all that, the card will cost several thousand dollars and in the best possible conditions, you might see this card sold for five-figure amounts, even.

1991 Ringlords Mike Tyson

1991 Ringlords Mike Tyson

This next card is a very famous one – at least when it comes to the image on the card.

On the card, Mike Tyson is wearing a WBC Championship ring which Tyson won before his off-the-ring troubles with rape allegations, for which he got arrested in 1991.

Because of that, this card is a bit unique. It’s managed to cover the achievements of Mike Tyson in the past before Tyson went to prison, and many people thought that his time in prison meant curtains for his career.

However, Tyson proved everyone wrong with his comeback after coming from prison, so this wasn’t the last Mike Tyson card to ever be produced.

It’s still undoubtedly one of the best Mike Tyson cards and without a doubt, a card with the most iconic Mike Tyson image on it. It celebrates the successes that Tyson had as a boxer before he went to prison.

1996 Merlin Sky Sports Mike Tyson #217 Sticker

1996 Merlin Sky Sports Mike Tyson #217 Sticker

Here we have yet another sticker – this time from 1996 made by Merlin, which was a company that mainly focused on stickers, but also on rookie cards.

Why is this sticker so interesting and popular?

The main reason for that is the rarity. As we’ve already mentioned, stickers are particularly interesting for collectors because many people who collected them used them as they were meant to be used – as stickers.

However, a few people decided to hold them and wait for the sticker to grow in value, which is what you see here. This sticker, if graded, can cost a five-figure amount easily.

Another reason why this card is so popular is that it came in 1996, which was the time when Tyson was released from prison. His first fight after coming from prison in 1996 was one of the highest-grossing sporting events in history, as up to 1.52 million homes watched Tyson destroy Peter McNeeley.

Overall, this sticker will rank among the most expensive Mike Tyson cards, especially if you can find it in decent condition.

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Tyson #301

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Tyson #301

The next interesting card comes from 2006, a time when Tyson had already concluded his professional career although he was still involved in exhibition fights after the end of his career.

The card was a part of a debut Allen & Ginter set that came out in 2006. Because of that reason, many card collectors choose to own this card.

It is perhaps, one of the toughest Mike Tyson cards to find out there, though. Not many of these pop up in good condition, so take your chance if you have the money.

There’s also an autographed version of this card, which looks like this:

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Tyson #301 autographed version card

Now, this version may have a bit more flair to it, which is nice if you like to have a more colorful card. It’s also the first officially autographed Tyson card, so you will see that this one will sell pretty quickly.

As for the values, both can be quite expensive, as the costs might ramp up to several thousand dollars. Although it is usually the autographed version of the card that will cost a bit more.

2013 Fleer Precious Metals Mike Tyson #E-MT

2013 Fleer Precious Metals Mike Tyson #E-MT

Last but not least, we have possibly the rarest Mike Tyson card of all cards, the Precious Metals card from 2013.

Looking at this card, you just can’t help but marvel at the beauty that comes from simplicity. It has a lovely and pleasing purple background with a decent image of Tyson in the front, making it one of the best Tyson cards visually.

And considering there were only 10 copies of this card ever released, you’re going to have to dive deep into your pocket if you want to get this card. It is one of the best Mike Tyson cards to be released.


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