Top Marshall Faulk Rookie Cards

Marshall Faulk is one of the best rushing running back in NFL history, with 12,000 rushing yards achieved, which is the most in history.

This made Marshall one of the most indispensable members of his Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams teams. Faulk is also known for his contribution towards the 2000 Super Bowl championship while also winning the MVP award that same season.

Faulk is thus one of the most memorable players of football in recent times, so his rookie cards are going to remain popular for a long time.

We’ve prepared a list of the best Marshal Faulk rookie cards if you’re looking to buy one (or several) for your collection, or simply if you want to start trading them.

Best Marshall Faulk Rookie Cards

These are the top Marshall Faulk rookie cards that you can collect. Let’s start with the base and mainstream ones, and move on to more expensive cards later on.

1994 Topps Marshall Faulk RC #445

1994 Topps Marshall Faulk RC #445

The 1994 Topps Marshall Faulk is one of the most recognizable Faulk rookie cards out there.

In 1994, Faulk was drafted by the Colts as a second overall pick. He was seen as one of the top prospects of that rookie year. He was especially noted for his explosive running abilities, which the Colts found useful at the time.

When his rookie cards came out, this 1994 Topps card was immediately one of the most popular options for many collectors.

While Topps is one of the best card brands for football rookies, this one was particularly popular, although it had a high print run, which means it’s not that hard to get nowadays, and the prices will be quite low.

A good starting point if you’re on a budget or if you’re not sure where you should start with Faulk rookie cards.

1994 Upper Deck Marshall Faulk RC

1994 Upper Deck Marshall Faulk RC

The next base rookie card of Marshall Faulk that needs a mention is this Upper Deck rookie card, which is ranked in a similar category as the Topps card we’ve mentioned above.

It is not the most expensive or valuable Faulk rookie card in the world, but certainly a great option if you don’t want to overspend.

One of the main issues for you will be finding a graded version of this card.

Out of all Upper Deck cards, the base card was the least popular, as the Upper Deck SP cards took the crown in terms of values and popularity (more on that later).

But this card was also a part of the so-called junk wax era, which means that cards from Faulk from 1994 tended to be relatively cheap when compared to rookie cards from other eras.

1994 Skybox Impact Marshall Faulk RC #274

1994 Skybox Impact Marshall Faulk RC #274

This Skybox Impact Faulk rookie card is of the same ilk as the Topps and Upper Deck cards. It belongs to the budget category because it’s a card that should be quite easily available nowadays.

That’s thanks to the huge print run back in 1994, which meant that the card was easily available in almost every store imaginable.

While it will not bring up the value of your card collection significantly, this could be an interesting addition to your card collection that would make sense if you’re on a budget. It’s also an interesting option to have as an additional rookie card option for Faulk.

1994 Fleer Ultra Marshall Faulk RC #408

1994 Fleer Ultra Marshall Faulk RC #408

Next up is another great option if you don’t want to overspend, the Fleer Ultra card.

This Fleer Ultra card is easily available and it should be a decent option for you if you want to complete your Marshall Faulk collection as much as possible.

If you’re looking to invest a larger sum of money into a Faulk rookie card, then it might not be for you, but as an additional option for your collection, it would make a lot of sense.

This card is image-heavy, as it focuses on Faulk with the ball in his hands running, which is something that Faulk did a lot of during his long and illustrious career in the NFL.

We also need to mention the Wave of the Future Fleer Ultra card, which looks like this:

Marshall Faulk Future Fleer Ultra card

This one should also be quite easy to find and not particularly expensive, either.

1994 Pinnacle Football Marshall Faulk RC #198

1994 Pinnacle Football Marshall Faulk RC #198

At first sight, this Pinnacle Football card from 1994 for Marshall Faulk might not be the most attractive or gorgeous card in the world.

However, the more you look at it, the more you start to appreciate its unique spirit.

In the background, you have a large crowd eager to see more of Faulk, while Marshall’s image is right in the middle. The edges of the image are quite rough though, which might be something that might turn some people off.

This card is quite a bit rarer than some other rookie card options we’ve gone through, though. This means that the values for this card are a bit higher than the values of other cards like Topps or Upper Deck.

1994 Bowman’s Best Stadium Club Marshall Faulk RC #1

1994 Bowman’s Best Stadium Club Marshall Faulk RC #1

If there ever was a card that would represent the 1990s as a time era, this card would be the one.

Just look at it – doesn’t it just scream the 90s? The colorful design, the shiny parts of the card, and the lines in the background?

And this is exactly what makes people love this one. It reminds us of the 1990s, it gives people nostalgia of those days, and that’s what makes this card special.

This is one of the most valuable options overall, and especially the Blue variant that you can see on the image above.

1994 Playoff Contenders Marshall Faulk RC #4

1994 Playoff Contenders Marshall Faulk RC #4

Back in the 1990s, the Playoff Contenders cards might not have had the same reputation as they have nowadays when they are seen as some of the most important and most valuable cards out there.

But they were still quite popular with collectors. These cards were known for their elegant design, and a bit more subdued nature, especially when compared to many other cards that came out the same year.

This card remains to be popular until today when many collectors turn to this brand because of the good reputation it has today, but also because of the elegant looks that it has.

You have another option when it comes to Playoff Contenders cards, and that is the Back to Back Metcalf option:

Playoff Contenders cards

This one is quite a bit rarer and more difficult to find than the base Playoff Contenders card, which means it’s also a bit more expensive.

1994 Select Marshall Faulk RC #SR1

1994 Select Marshall Faulk RC #SR1

The 1994 Select is one of the most popular cards of Marshall Faulk. It is a chrome card with a good image of Faulk in the front and colorful gold background.

These cards were known for their higher quality, especially when compared to other cards that came out the same year. Naturally, these packs were a bit more expensive than other football packs at that time, which means it’s going to be a bit more valuable than other Faulk rookie cards.

This card could be a decent investment opportunity for you, although it’s still not the most valuable rookie card in the world.

It’s also a good card to add to your collection, which is the right thing to do if you’re a big fan of Marshall Faulk and his impressive career in the NFL.

1994 SP Foil Marshall Faulk RC #3

1994 SP Foil Marshall Faulk RC #3

This brings us to the last and most notable Marshall Faulk rookie card, the SP 1994 rookie card.

From an investment point of view, this card will probably be your best bet if you’re looking for a card that’s a worthy investment. It is the most expensive base rookie card, and the foil confirms its quality.

The card itself is quite nice to look at. It has an elegant green background of a football stadium with Marshall Faulk in the image in front, with the ball under his hand. The gold lettering completes the more premium design of this card.

Overall, you’ll see that this card is the most expensive base rookie card for Marshall Faulk, and for good reason. It’s tough to find it nowadays in top condition, and there are many ungraded cards. Plus, it’s of a much higher quality than most other Faulk rookies.

We also need to mention the die-cut foil version, which looks like this:

1994 SP Foil Marshall Faulk RC #3

The die-cut version will be even more expensive than the base SP Foil rookie card. It’s rarer and even tougher to find in top conditions, so if you find anything like this that has some potential, you should be in line for a good investment.


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