My Personal Collection

Sometimes I get a gross feeling writing about sports cards and discussing them as “investments”. At the end of the day, I’m a card collector and don’t give investment advice – if you want  that, go to a financial planner.

And any hobby writer that talks about it like that is most likely full of shit, and should be treated as such.

Another thing I hate is when people “pump” up their own cards by talking about how good the card is and encouraging people to buy it – and not disclosing that they own it.

So, here’s the cards that I collect and I own a lot of. I’m obviously not listing every single base card that I own otherwise this list would have hundreds of thousands of items in it.

But here’s a few things that I collect. I’ll add photos one day.

  • Soccer. I am a soccer guy through and through. I have some Messi rookies, Erling Haaland stuff, a little Mbappe, some Cristiano Ronaldo (not rookies).
  • 90s Italian Soccer. The Serie A was the best league of the 90s – and as a 30-something with an Italian background who was a kid in the 90s, insert this into my veins. I love Ronaldo, Christian Vieri, and all the stars from Italy in the 90s.
  • Australian soccer. I’m an Aussie – so I love my Australian soccer cards.
  • As far as NBA goes, I’m much more of a nostalgia-man. Kobe, MJ, and the guys I grew up watching. I don’t have a lot of NBA though – mostly, some early Kobe cards.
  • Tickets. I love collecting tickets. It’s a great way to collect and not get sucked into the ‘million different parallels’. I have a lot of soccer tickets, including Lionel Messi’s first match, Cristiano Ronaldo’s first match – and a bunch of other cool stuff. I also have a LeBron debut ticket.