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Hey there fellow card collectors! If you’ve been in the game as long as I have, you know that some players just have that special something. One such player is none other than the legendary Grant Hill. With his incredible skills on the court and undeniable impact on the game, it’s no wonder that Grant Hill cards have become highly sought after in recent years. 

Grant Hill 2024

In recent years, Grant Hill has remained a prominent figure in the basketball world. While he retired from playing professionally in 2013, he has continued to be involved in the sport as an analyst and commentator for various networks. Hill’s insightful analysis and deep knowledge of the game have made him a beloved figure among fans.

As for his cards, they have been making waves in the collecting community. These cards hold a special place in any collector’s heart because they capture the early days of Hill’s career, when he was just starting to make a name for himself in the NBA.

1994 Finest Grant Hill Rookie Card #240

1994 Finest Grant Hill Rookie Card #240

The Finest cards were all the rage back in the 90s, where you didn’t really have many other alternatives to the base cards.

Shinier cards were considered to be premium cards, which is why people liked the Finest packs. And with the addition of some parallels, the Finest Grant Hill rookie card is perhaps the best card you can try and get today.

It’s also a chrome card, which adds another layer of “fanciness” to the card. To protect the chrome, the cards were wrapped in special foils that were designed to keep it intact, and that’s exactly what you can see here in the image.

As for the base card, you will not have many problems getting it since the print run was relatively high.

It’s the refractor that will cost you an arm and a leg to buy. It’s a great card to own, especially if you collected cards back in the 90s and are looking to sell today. It will cost several thousand dollars in the GEM MT, making it the most valuable Grant Hill rookie card.

1994 Finest Grant Hill Rookie Card #240-2

As you can see, the refractor is nothing special by today’s standards, just a bit shinier and of course, much rarer than the base card.

1994/95 SP Grant Hill Rookie Card #3

1994/95 SP Grant Hill Rookie Card #3

SP was one of the first brands to challenge the superiority and the premium feel that Upper Deck offered. It had etched foil and looks to be envied by other card companies, which ultimately pushed the business forwards.

We are lucky that the print run for these cards was quite high, meaning that even budget collectors are able to buy this card today.

It’s a blend of gold and silver, which clash in the middle of the card. But the showpiece of the card is the action image of Grant Hill, which seems to pop out very nicely, making the card even more appealing.

1994 Flair Grant Hill RC #213

1994 Flair Grant Hill RC #213

With this Flair card, I personally like the golden writing that’s present on the card, as well as the two action shots of Grant Hill.

The golden writing gives the card a premium feel, but it’s certainly not a premium-priced card. The highest the card will go in terms of value is less than a hundred dollars, which is the magic of the Junk Wax era in full effect for you.

The young Grant Hill here on the image shows his athleticism and physicality, which he was famed for and allowed him to earn comparisons even with Michael Jordan.

He also had the ability to handle the ball like not many other players, which became prominent throughout his career with the Pistons and also with the Suns later on.

1994/95 Skybox Emotion Grant Hill Rookie Card #28

1994/95 Skybox Emotion Grant Hill Rookie Card #28

The Skybox Emotion was preferred by many collectors because of its glossy finish and the foil that goes together with it.

This card features a nice action image of Grant Hill, which shows his athleticism, again.

The great thing about this card is that there are many cards available on the market, making it easy to obtain if you’re looking for a cheap card that has that premium feel to it.

There are many ungraded cards, although graded cards tend to go for several hundred dollars if in the top conditions.

1994 Topps Embossed Grant Hill RC #103

1994 Topps Embossed Grant Hill RC #103

Topps Embossed is a bit of a mixed bag; it’s something innovative from Topps trying to add more action to the image by adding these square spirals in the background and the image shot of Hill in the front.

However, this approach wasn’t the most popular among collectors, and the Embossed sub-brand eventually died out and left its place to other brands.

Surprisingly though, this is precisely what tickles the fancy of many collectors that want to own something that’s not here anymore today.

If you don’t like the silver background, you can go for the Golden Idols parallel, which will be difficult to find.

1994 Topps Stadium Club Grant Hill Rookie Card #181

1994 Topps Stadium Club Grant Hill Rookie Card #181

The 1994 Topps Stadium Club Grant Hill rookie certainly deserves a mention on this list. If not for anything else, it should be on the list for the dress Grant Hill is wearing. I mean, look at that tie – outrageous!

Joking aside, this card will appeal to those collectors who prefer to collect these cards with images from the draft night, which always feature drafted players in suits and with the caps of the team they were picked by.

Stadium Club cards were not especially known for these types of cards, as they often preferred to have action images on their cards.

This is the case for the Series 2 of these cards, while this particular card here is from Series 1.

And the whole card just screams the 90s – if you miss them, then you will LOVE this card. The background, the design, the graphics, and Grant Hill’s fashion choices – the complete package. 🙂

1994 Upper Deck Grant Hill RC #157

1994 Upper Deck Grant Hill RC #157

Upper Deck was one of the most popular card companies for NBA card collectors from the 90s. The 93/94 Michael Jordan card still remains in the memory of many collectors, but the Grant Hill rookie here would also make for a nice addition to your collection.

If you don’t like the plain and boring cards with only the image of the player on them and you like a bit more colors on your cards, this is the one you can go for.

It loses some points in the longevity of the design and the graphics, which are a bit more subtle and have aged decently. The graphics on the left hand-side of the card also add a nice touch, although they don’t quite seem to fit with all the colors in the background.

Still, this is a worthy alternative Grant Hill rookie card you can consider and of course, it’s Upper Deck so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

1994 Ultra Grant Hill RC #239

1994 Ultra Grant Hill RC #239

This Ultra card is almost the exact opposite from the previous card – it is all image, and little to no graphics.

And that’s what many card collectors prefer – crisp images with some elegant and subtle graphical elements on the card, which makes for a premium feel.

But despite that more premium feel, the card is jokingly easy to get today, and also quite cheap. While you will struggle to find a decent graded card, you will be able to find many ungraded cards on the market.

As always, err on the side of caution with ungraded cards since you don’t really know what you’re getting, and it’s always better to ask the seller twice as to ensure you’re not buying a knock-off.

1994 Hoops Grant Hill Rookie Card #322

1994 Hoops Grant Hill Rookie Card #322

The NBA Hoops brand of cards is still alive and kicking today, but back in the 90s, it was not one of the most popular brands of basketball cards.

Hoops went for the interesting choice for letters when it comes to the left hand-side of the card. And there are two varieties of this card that you can go for. Series 1 is this card, while the Series 2 card also involves Dikembe Mutombo.

This card is way more populous than the Series 2 card, though. This also means it’s cheap and easy to get.

If you would love to explore the history of Hoops cards and you love the brand, then you should certainly go for this one. You’ll find that it’s quite different from the Hoops cards we know today.

Again, be careful with ungraded cards so that you don’t get yourself burned, and make sure the card is authentic before buying.

Grant Hill Rookie Card Buying Advice

It’s fair to say that you have many great options when it comes to Grant Hill rookie cards.

The great thing here is that you’ll be able to find the best cards even if you don’t have the bucks to pay the most expensive cards.

That’s partly due to the higher prints of some of these cards, so you might end up with some elegant and premium-looking cards for a relatively cheap price. Most will not cost you more than a couple hundred dollars to buy.


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