How to Display Funko Pops – 6 Different Ways

So you’ve got a huge Funko Pops collection, and you’re not sure how you should display them?

  • If you wish to keep them inside boxes, then you’re going to find that they take up quite a lot of space.
  • If you unpack them and you want to display them that way, you’re going to have some organizing to do.

Either way, you’re going to have to figure out some logistics first before you spring into action.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a different way of displaying them, or you’re not sure how you should go about it. In any case, you’re going to find some good ideas of how to do it in this article.

Method #1: Using Shelves

The best and most practical method of displaying your Funko Pops is probably by using shelves.

We have a great article on the best Funko Pop Shelves too.

The reason why this method works best is if you have a large collection and you’re not sure if all of your figurines would fit inside a bookcase, for example.

Using shelves will allow you to:

  • Be creative
  • Make sure you get the right number of shelves for your collection
  • You’ll be able to fit shelves in almost any space in your home

With shelves, you can get as funky as you want, or you can have your shelves as organized as you wish. Plus, you’ll have enough freedom to organize your shelves in such a way that they not only fit the space you have them in but also your figurines.

Admittedly, shelves can require you to put in a bit more work since you might have to adjust their sizes a bit and make holes inside walls to fit them, but they can also be the most satisfying.

There are several different types of shelves that you can use:

  1.  Ledge shelvesLedge shelves
  2. Zigzag shelvesZigzag shelves
  3. Acrylic display stand shelvesAcrylic display stand shelves
  4. Simple floating shelvesSimple floating shelves


Which shelf you’re going to pick is going to depend on how your room looks and what would fit best, as well as your personal preference.

How to Display Funko Pops Using Shelves

Displaying your Funko Pops with shelves allows you to have some freedom and creativity as to how you place your figurines and where you place your shelves.

First, you’ll want to decide what type of shelf you’re going to use to display your figurines. If you don’t know where to start, buying some simple floating shelves will probably be best.

Then, create a plan. Decide where you’re going to place your figurines, how far apart they’re going to be, and how you want your shelves to look. You can place them symmetrically like this:

How to Display Funko Pops Using Shelves

Or you can do it like this:

How to Display Funko Pops Using Shelves

Either way, you will want to make sure you actually have enough space to fit all of your figurines on your shelves. You can even buy some LED lights and arrange your Funko Pops like this:

How to Display Funko Pops Using Shelves

Be creative but don’t forget to consider how these shelves would fit your room and your overall style of your home.

A good tip that I should mention here is to put the figurines you’re proud of most to the eye level, so that they’re clearly visible. Ideally, you’d want the “worse” figurines at the top and near the bottom while clearly displaying the ones you like most.

Method #2: Using a Display Case

The next method you could use to display your figurines is to use a display case. After all, that’s what display cases are for – duh!

In some ways, this method might suit you better if you don’t like the idea of drilling holes into your wall and you don’t like having shelves to display your figurines. It’s easy, simple, and if done right, it looks great.

Now, even display cases come in different shapes and sizes.

Again, as with shelves, you’ll want to consider how many figurines you have and how large a case you want to buy.

And if you’re looking to expand your collection in the future, it doesn’t hurt to have a larger case just to make sure they will all fit in there.

Method #2: Using a Display Case

As you can see, display cases can be colorful and even more interesting, provided you have enough space.

But just because you opt for a display case, it doesn’t mean you can’t combine them with shelves to make it even more interesting…

Method #2: Using a Display Case

How to Display Funko Pops Using a Display Case

If you’re going to use a display case, you’re going to have to take care of the measurements first.

The first measurement must always be to make sure the display case fits your room and that you have enough space. You’ll find many display cases of different shapes and sizes, so that’s always a bonus.

You’ll also want to decide the color of the case and the overall style, so you’d want it to fit your home.

Again, just like with shelves, you’ll want to carefully plan in advance so that you’ll be able to buy the right display case for your scenario.

Method #3: Using a Bookcase

Do you happen to have a bookcase around your home that you don’t need, or do you own one but it’s not used for a particular purpose?

Well, there you have it! You can use it for displaying your Funko Pops. Nice and simple, and low-cost.

Alternatively, you can also buy one.

Using a bookcase will be your choice if you like a more wooden style and you don’t like the metallic or glass display cases. It just gives your collection a more homely vibe.

Method #3: Using a Bookcase

A simple small bookcase like this can be found in an IKEA near you or a store close to your location. For smaller collections, you shouldn’t have to pay too much to get a bookcase like this, but for larger bookcases, it can get more expensive.

Another bonus of using a bookcase like this is that you can easily rearrange the shelves and remove one shelf if needed, or add another shelf if there isn’t enough space for your Funko Pops.

This method is simple but effective, it doesn’t require as much effort as shelves, and while it does require more space, it will work if it fits the overall style of your home.

How to Display Funko Pops Using a Bookcase

A bookcase doesn’t have to be anything fancy; you can even get an older one and refurbish it yourself if you’re into DIY. Or, you can just use an older bookcase that’s waiting somewhere around your home.

Or, you can go the opposite direction and buy one from scratch.

Even with bookcases, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to size, style, and look.

How to Display Funko Pops Using a Bookcase

If you don’t like the classic bookcase with straight shelves, then you can even use something like this.

Just make sure whatever you buy fits into your home and that it sits comfortably with the rest of the furniture in your room.

Method #4: Using Action Figure Stands

Here’s an interesting method that’s going to require a bit more work, but ultimately, it can also be the most satisfying: action figure stands.

With action figure stands, you’re going to be able to display your figurines nicely and make them stand out, which is great if you have some really nice figurines that you want to show off to the world.

But using action figure stands also doesn’t have to be too complicated.

You can use these types of action figure stands for your Funko Pops:

Method #4: Using Action Figure Stands

These can be great since they can be mounted on a wall, allowing you to display your figurines in a neat way without overwhelming the wall.

It will give you the freedom to arrange these stands in almost any way possible, as long as you want to use them.

The only drawback of using these stands is that it seems that they’re not very adhesive, so you might see them fall off after some time, but they can be easily fixed with some DIY.

Another type of stand I’ve found that you can use is this:

Method #4: Using Action Figure Stands

Now, these are different than what we’ve seen above. These are meant to be placed on a table and not on a wall, which makes them a bit different. You’ll still need a bit more space on your shelves or furniture to place these.

It seems as though these will only work if you don’t have many figurines and you have enough space to show them off.

How to Use Action Figure Stands to Display Funko Pops

You can use different types of action figure stands to display your Funko Pops, depending on your preferences.

As always, you’ll want to consider if this is something that you want and whether you have a collection that’s too large for this method. If you have many figurines, this method can be a bit overwhelming.

Also, it might not be great for you if you want to display your Funkos in boxes instead of having them unwrapped.

How to Use Action Figure Stands to Display Funko Pops

Method #6: Stack Them on Top of Each Other!

Method #6: Stack Them on Top of Each Other

How about simply stacking your figurines on top of each other arranging them that way?

This method will only work if you have your figurines still in boxes and provided you have enough space.

But you’ll want to be extra careful – this method will not be great if you don’t want to ruin your Funko Pops or if you don’t want to risk them crashing down. You’ll need to be extra meticulous in how you go about setting them up.

It’s cool and simple, but also fragile! I mean, just a slight touch of the figurines can cause havoc and ruin your entire display if it breaks down.

How to Use This Method

Use this method if you’re still having your Funko Pops in boxes only.

The best way to utilize this method is that you arrange your boxes in such a way that the ones you like most are most visible. For example, you’d want the best figurines to be in the center so they’re clearly seen and visible.

Also, you’ll want to make sure the figurines are arranged in such a way that similar figurines are together. For example, you’ll want to have figurines from one set together and display them that way.

It will definitely take some thought and tinkering, but if done right, this method is no-nonsense and extremely simple.

Method #5: A Combination of Two (or More) Methods

You absolutely don’t have to stick to one method above – you can even combine two or more of them if you want, depending on what you need.

For example, you can use a display case as well as shelves.

This method can be great if you have other memorabilia and figurines that you want to show off and display. It will take some more space and time, but it can be worth it if you know how to arrange things properly.
Method #5: A Combination of Two (or More) Methods

As you can see, there are so many different options that you can use to display your Funko Pops.

Ultimately, it will depend on what you need and like. If there’s one particular style that you like, I’d say go for it, as long as you meet all the requirements in terms of space and the figurines you have.

The best way to go about this is to take a look at what you have the types of figurines you have, and what you already have at your disposal. It will also come down to your personal taste and what you like most.

Displaying your Funko Pops in a nice way will take a lot of time and effort, but if you get it right, it can be one of the most satisfying things to look at.


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