Best KISS Memorabilia

KISS are a band with a loyal following, and they’re chucked their logo on pretty much every product known to man. As they said, they want to rock and roll all night and rip their long-supporting fans off every day.

Here’s some of our favorite KISS memorabilia.

KISS Air Guitar Strings

Looking for the perfect way to show your love for KISS? Look no further than the KISS Air Guitar Strings. These strings are the perfect addition to any guitar and look great too! The KISS Air Guitar Strings are made of high-quality materials and feature the iconic Kiss logo.

If you’re a fan of Kiss or love playing air guitar, these strings are a must-have. They’re also officially licensed by Kiss, so you know they’re the real deal. Order your set today and rock out like a true KISS fan!

Kiss Super-Spicy Chili Tomato Meat Buns

Looking for a unique gift for the KISS fan in your life? Check out the KISS Super-Spicy Chili Tomato Meat Buns! These buns are made with real chili peppers and tomatoes and pack a serious punch of flavor. They’re perfect for anyone who loves spicy food, and they’re sure to be a hit at any party or gathering.

Plus, they make a great conversation starter – who wouldn’t want to know more about the story behind these buns? Whether you’re looking for a fun gift or a delicious treat, the KISS Super-Spicy Chili Tomato Meat Buns are sure to please.

Kiss Kasket

For any diehard KISS fan, the KISS Kasket is the ultimate piece of memorabilia. Designed to look like a coffin, the Kasket features the band’s iconic logo and can be used as an actual casket for burial or cremation. While the idea of being buried in a KISS Kasket may seem macabre to some, it is a fitting tribute for fans of the band.

For any fan of the band, the KISS Kasket is the ultimate must-have piece of memorabilia. After all, KISS is known for their outrageous stage showmanship, and what could be more over-the-top than being buried in a coffin decorated with their likenesses? In addition to being a conversation starter, the KISS Kasket is a functional piece of furniture that can be used as a coffee table or end table.

Kiss-Themed Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

Who could forget the iconic image of Hello Kitty kissing a frog on a toilet paper roll? It’s a classic example of the power of branding, and it’s also a great way to show your love for Hello Kitty (and KISS, of course). Now you can own your role of KISS-themed Hello Kitty toilet paper! This collectible item is perfect for diehard fans of both Hello Kitty and KISS.

It’s fun and unique to show your love for two of pop culture’s most iconic brands. The toilet paper features Hello Kitty dressed as each member of KISS, complete with the band’s signature makeup. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Hello Kitty fan in your life, or if you want to treat yourself to an unusual piece of memorabilia, this is the perfect item.

Kiss Condoms

KISS Condoms is the best way to show your love for the iconic band while being responsible. These condoms are FDA-approved and made from high-quality latex to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STDs. Each condom is printed with a different KISS logo so you can choose your favorite design.

They also come in a collector’s tin that is perfect for storing your Kiss Condoms. Whether you are a diehard fan or just looking for a unique gift, KISS Condoms is the perfect way to show your love for the band while being responsible.

Archie Meets Kiss’ Comic Run

In May 1977, Marvel Comics published the first issue of its Archie Meets Kiss miniseries. The four-part crossover event saw the legendary rock band meeting and performing with the teenage characters from the Archie universe. The series was a huge success, selling over 1 million copies and spawning several spin-off products, including T-shirts, toys, and trading cards.

For both Kiss and Archie comic fans, the series remains an essential piece of pop culture history. In recent years, the comic has become one of the most sought-after items in the Kiss collector’s market. A near-mint condition copy of the first issue recently sold for over $5,000 at auction.

Kiss Scratch & Win Lottery Tickets

The KISS Scratch & Win lottery tickets are the best kiss memorabilia. They are a great way to show your support for the band while also getting a chance to win some money. The tickets are in two designs, each with a different top prize. The first design features the band members in their iconic makeup, and the second is a more recent photo of the band.

The top prize for each design is $100,000, and several smaller prizes range from $10 to $1,000. The tickets are only available for purchase in Canada, but they can be shipped to any address worldwide. So pick up a few of these lottery tickets if you’re a diehard KISS fan. You might get lucky and win big!

Kiss His & Hers Beauty Products

KISS His & Hers Beauty Products are the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care. These products nourish and protect your skin with a unique blend of natural ingredients. The Kiss kit includes a face wash, toner, moisturizer, and lip balm, free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Moreover, the products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, making them gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. With regular use, these products will help to improve your complexion and give you a healthy glow. Most importantly, they will allow you to express your love for KISS in a truly unique way. So why not show your significant other how much you care with KISS His & Hers Beauty Products?


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