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Hey there, my name is Vince.

I’m a teacher, and a writer but most importantly to you, I’m a sports nut 24/7.

I’ve been into sports most of my life – and like many of you, I was into sports cards as a kid and have gotten back into the hobby after some time away.

These days, I collect and invest in sports cards. I’m definitely more or a soccer and NBA guy – so you’ll see that most of the examples in the site will be from those sports. But I do try my hand at football and baseball from time to time.

I also host the podcast Soccer Cards Rock, a podcast all about soccer cards, perfect for the person already in the hobby but looking to get into soccer cards. You can find it on any podcast app.

You can learn more about soccer here, or with these articles.

Or, check out some of the other articles below to get started.

Buying Sports Cards

If you’re getting back into the hobby, learning the ins and outs of buying sports cards is important. And trust me – it’s changed a lot since you were a kid.

Selling Sports Cards

If you’re looking at making some money with cards, or just looking to clear some space in the garage, you need to know how to sell your cards – both online and offline.

Sports Cards Grading

Back when I was a kid, card grading wasn’t a thing.

These days, graded cards will generate a greater profit and can turn a crummy $2 card into an $80 card – it can also turn a $100 card into a $1500 card!

So, it’s best to wrap your head around grading sooner rather than later.

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